Happening at the Blogs

August 8, 2008

The t-shirt industry is huge and there’s a whole lot of information and news out there, and blogs do a good job of keeping people informed and entertained. We love checking out all the cool t-shirt blogs from time to time and if you havn’t been reading them lately you might have missed some stuff worth not missing. We’ve got you covered. Here’s some not to be missed stuff that stood out to us on the blogs lately.



Mary Helt and Chris Sittel of maryink met at a party while visiting their families in Nashville. At the time, Mary was living in New York City working as a photographer’s stylist and Chris was working in Florida at a silk-screen studio. They started visiting one another, having t-shirt parties and coming up with new project ideas.

After a few years of living apart, they finally moved to the Virgin Islands to start their original silk-screen design company, maryink. While Mary is the designer behind maryink, Chris functions as the steady hand behind the printing process. Mary’s designs have a 1970s Scandinavian and folk art influence, and she also incorporates elements of embroidery, weaving and bitossi pottery. The shop is known for its interesting designs, silk screened votive candles, jewelry, tote bags and t-shirts.

ME WANT MORE!: http://tcritic.com/archives/great-video-portrait-of-maryink-hand-screened-t-shirts/



The Finest, Official Dark Night T-shirts are at Hottopic.com No, I’m neither talking about vintage Batman tees nor Batman tees from the past Batman movies. HotTopic has bunch of official gears of Batman from the latest Dark Night movie (2008), featuring one my favorite enemy of all time, Joker. If you are looking for good looking, less jerky apparel merchandise that worth your money — you are going to HotTopic. Enough said take a look yourself:


ME WANT MORE!: http://www.thedailytee.com/the-finest-official-dark-night-t-shirts-are-at-hottopiccom/



When did you start designing t-shirts? How did you get into it?

Back in July 2007. I needed the extra cash because I was going to get married in December 2007. So I looked for freelance jobs in craigslist of all places. Then I saw an ad for t-shirt design, applied for it and got the job. I realized that there was a demand so I started to just do t-shirt design. I quit my job last February 08 and haven’t looked backed since.

ME WANT MORE!: http://blog.fantasticbonanza.com/2008/08/06/t-shirt-designer-profile-aj-dimarucot/