To all my Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Festivus peeps, I apologize, this post goes out to the fat man in Red. The first is a field trip Tee – only to be had at the Golf Wang Pop-up shop/brainchild of the breakout group, Odd Future. Get this one at the old HUF space on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles and channel the deviant 14-year old with cookie icing in you:

Screw Dickens, any good throw-back nerd replaces the Christmas Carol trilogy with that of Star Wars. I’m dreamin’ of a white Ton-Ton. Pick up ‘Happy Hoth-idays’ at Red Bubble:

I half-get Angry Birds. I know angry Avian orbs swarming a pack of pigs make about as much sense for virtual entertainment as two Italian-American plumbers collecting change and shrooming – but still. But ‘tis the season, and I know how much you’ll appreciate this one:

If you would just like to share the love in a non-secular/mythological way, then this mint by Comme des Garcons would  be your speed:

Now this, technically, is not Christmas cult paraphernalia: but let’s just say they did it to themselves. Cop my personal favorite in-store at Stussy Toronto or Vancouver.