Are you ready to build a t-shirt empire?

After years of bringing you numerous informative articles that have helped you kick-start your t-shirt business, we take it a step further with a complete, in-depth manual on how to start a t-shirt business. T-Shirt Magazine presents: Launch A Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand. This essential read will give you step-by-step instructions on building a t-shirt empire, whether you’re starting from scratch or are already in the swing of things. Available in eBook format and printed format, this is not to be missed.

Start a T-Shirt Business - Launch a Kick Ass T-Shirt Brand


-You want to start a clothing brand but don’t know exactly where to start

-You already started a brand but feel like you’ve been stuck in the same place for months, even years

-You have no clue how to get merchandise manufactured and printed

-You are far from an artist but want to create some killer t-shirt designs

-You have read hundreds of articles on selling your t-shirts but still haven’t sold a thing

-You want to get your brand featured on all the hot websites and blogs

-You run a relatively successful brand but want to take it to the next level

-You want to know the reality of running a t-shirt brand

-You plan on becoming wealthy by selling your t-shirts, but need a blueprint


-Countless in-depth tips and advice that will help you develop a successful brand

– Guidelines to creating a solid brand

– The legal aspects of running a clothing brand

– Tips on how to get funding to launch your brand and the story behind how we got funding for our brand.

– Specific instructions on how to set up an online shop

– Advice on how to make kick-ass t-shirt designs that sell

– Information on how to get your shirts produced

– Tips on getting your products in stores

– Business management advice and specific anecdotes of what it really takes to manage a t-shirt brand.

– Sample order forms, line sheets, and other important documents

-An appendix of highly recommended resources and products


I recently purchased your ebook on how to launch a kick ass t-shirt brand and it was worth every penny. I was kind of hesitant at first to purchase it due to the fact that I am trying to launch my own streetwear line and the last book I purchased didn’t really help me that much for the industry that I am trying to get into.

Your book has helped me with my brand in many different areas. It was brought forth weakness’s that I wasn’t either aware of or knew how to correct. I now feel like I have a go to guide on many areas of running a t-shirt company when I approach those mile stones.

So thank you very much it was well worth the $35

– James Lynch, owner of No One’s Safe Clothing Company





I would first like to thank your company and brand for creating what I would call right now a real mans’ bible to starting a T-shirt business. I purchased your book and found plenty of useful information while I’m still researching and getting my bplan together.

– Lee Wilson, owner of Fly Solo


I just finished reading the book and it was amazing. I finished it in a day. I had no idea that Cashletes and this site was ran by the same people. Both ventures are amazing.

– Martin Stern, owner of Leaders By Design

I purchased the printed version rather than the eBook of ‘How to Launch a Kick Ass T-Shirt Brand’ as I wanted to keep it with all my other design books in my library. I have bought other books in the past but none of them compare to this one, its full of detailed information from one chapter to the next, which are short, clear and easy to digest.

And the contributors sections are very helpful from ‘Business Management to Motivation’.

Its all here! Amazing. Thanks!

– Blu-boy, owner of


You’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to quit your day job and be on your way to a highly profitable t-shirt brand.

You can buy Launch a Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand‘ for just $35 in e-book format!

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