Staying the Course

How to Stay Motivated as a Brand Owner

Excerpt from Chapter 15 (“Keep on Keepin’ On”)
of Launch a Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand.

“…step back and take a look at what’s working and what isn’t, and make the necessary adjustments.”

When You're Feeling Down

After the excitement of your brand’s start-up phase, there comes a time when you begin to lose that spark that had you fired up in the beginning. Maybe you launched an ad campaign for your brand that did horribly, or perhaps a few sour readers left some harsh, gut-wrenching comments on an article written about your brand.

Or maybe you started looking at all the other cool brands out there and realize your brand sucks compared to them—and to top it all off, your sales numbers prove it. But the most important thing here is to continually do everything you can to improve every aspect of your brand.

Can't Sell Jack

By now you already know that you shouldn’t quit at the first sign of defeat. But how about when you’ve done everything you can to create a kick-ass brand and you still aren’t seeing any sales?

This happens to new brand owners all the time. They work long and hard only to be faced with poor sales numbers, despite having an awesome brand.

So what do you do when customers still aren’t buying from you, even after your shop has been up for weeks? You need to perform a check-up on your brand.

Is Anyone Visiting Your Site?

As obvious as it sounds, you actually need online traffic to make sales. Just like a store at the mall depends on foot traffic, your online shop depends on web surfers to make their way to your web store. Make sure you install some type of analytics tracker on your site, such as Google Analytics, to view your site’s traffic stats at the end of each day to make sure that you’re actually getting visits.

Try any additional targeted promotion tactics, especially free ones, to get more exposure and gain momentum. Then step back and take a look at what’s working and what isn’t, and make the necessary adjustments. Use your analytics tracker to monitor the effects of all your efforts.

High Traffic, Still No Sales

Maybe you are getting a lot of traffic, but it’s just not converting into sales. It’s important to look at your current traffic sources and decide which sources are targeted and which ones aren’t. Getting 1,000 visits a day from…

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