The Iconic T-Shirt Tourney

CustomInk set out to identify the “100 Most Iconic T-shirts of All Time” last year and came up with this awesome list. This year they’ve lined up 32 of the top shirts from their list into a 5-round bracket-style tournament just in time for March Madness. Now it’s up to you to vote for your favorites and ultimately decide on “The Most Iconic T-shirt.” On Monday, April 7th the winning t-shirt will be crowned.

We caught up with Sean Murphy, EVP of eCommerce at CustomInk, on the subject of iconic t-shirts and his thoughts on the tournament.

TM: What do you think makes a t-shirt iconic?

Sean: It’s when the shirt comes to symbolize a distinctive aspect of our culture or a period of time. It’s pretty special that in America we can make something as simple as a t-shirt design mean so much.

TM: What’s your favorite t-shirt in the tournament?

Sean:There are so many good ones, but Superman makes me feel like a kid and inspires me to want to be a better person. Who wouldn’t want that S emblazoned across their chest?

TM: Which of these t-shirts are you getting tired of seeing around town?

Sean: Since CustomInk is all about custom t-shirts, I must admit that James Dean’s “plain white tee” could use a little printing to liven it up!

TM: Is there a prize for the winning t-shirt?

Sean: Like all good bets, it’s all about bragging rights!

Visit the Iconic T-Shirt Tourney to vote your favorite t-shirt all the way to the championship round.