Indie Labels to Look Out For

We’re always on the look out for hot indie t-shirt labels. These are some labels that are relatively new on the scene but have been consistently cranking out some pretty cool designs for the time they’ve been in business. If you haven’t checked these brands out yet, take the chance to visit their websites, checkout their collections, and become die-hard fans!


” Award Tour is a feeling; not a tangible thing that you could hold on your hand. Not everyone can understand what Award Tour is because it is difficult for many people to allow themselves to be fully taken up with the concept. The idea itself is simple… live life to the fullest potential in every single moment it is offered to you. Award Tour is the feeling of utter happiness and elation that you feel when you truly enjoy what you are doing. The clothing that is created here is made to outfit those who pursue the happiness of themselves and those around them with reckless abandon. We hope that the clothing and personalities presented through this line will help you find your own personal Award Tour. ”



” AnmlHse was born on a rather warm Fall night in late 2007. Five friends came together as a collective to contribute designs that reflect their lifestyle. Our love for art, graphic design, typography, streetwear, sneakers, comics, cartoons, music, movies, and nostalgia has a major impact on our designs as well as the way we live out our daily lives. Light-hearted by NATURE, we LOVE LIFE, but love a good joke even more.Laughter is our creed and comedy is our visual manifesto. Party ANIMALS we might be, but we always put our passion for style first. We believe in being true to yourself and destroying stereotypes. We’re going to end with a few words of advice. Live the Lifestyle, DONT BE A TREND. ”



” Residing on our clothing is nothing short of real art and like great art, represents the artists first and foremost, and secondly represents the wearer who loves and connects with the art. Thriving Ink shirts are designed by real artists from around the world as art for art’s sake; Thriving Ink has simply put the art onto a wearable canvas – shirts. Raw emotions fuel our artists to create expressions of love, fear, hope, pain, spirituality, political and social causes – anything that inspires and evokes real, honest and sometimes brutal, passion. Thriving Ink wearers will find true connections in our shirts that will project their consciousness through our artists’ work. Thriving Ink shirts allow you to Be A Human Canvas and to Wear What You Feel. ”