International Scene: Belgium

December 27, 2008

We’re on the scene again; this time we’re showcasing t-shirt brands from Belgium. Belgium is known for being big on folklore and its cuisine (mmm…Belgium waffles). The official languages of Belgium are Dutch, French, and German, so if you know any of the three language, then you’re set for your trip to Belgium! But before grab your suit case and hop on the plan to go to Belgium, check out these t-shirt brands to get an idea of the culture.

belgium t-shirts belgium t-shirts
‘Aaistki!’ is a t-shirt brand that specializes in “cutesy wootsy” t-shirts. The brand calls their shirts “Coolified t-shirts” (whatever that’s supposed to mean). The tees in the Aaitski collection, basically consist of a small image of a head or vehicle, printed in the middle of the shirt., in bright colors. The brand contains sizes for people of all ages and sizes, but is seems to suit children and girls (who are a child at heart) a little better. ‘Aaitski!’ also makes sure to get customers involved by letting customers send pics of them wearing their tees (which is a cool feature).

Check ’em out!

belgium t-shirts
Sehubabe is a t-shirt brand that definitely has a lot of personality. Just check out the photos on their site homepage and the FAQ section as well. Their tees lean towards more of an “artsy” design style; you know, like one of those drawings that you would see in the hallway or bathroom of an art school, and think to yourself “oh, that looks pretty cool” (any art school student would know what I’m talking about).

Check ’em out!