International Scene: Berlin

July 25, 2008

“Guter Tag jeder!”, that means “good day everyone”, for those of you non German speaking people out there (like us). We’re on the international scene again, this time highlighting the t-shirt madness in Berlin, Germany. Check out international scene: Berlin.

T-Shirt Day, is a holiday created by the well known print on demand company, Spreadshirt. Celebrated in both Boston and Berlin on the first day of Summer (June 20 and June 21, respectively), T-Shirt Day is all about celebrating the t-shirt as the most “universal fashion garment”. At the T-Shirt Day celebrations, there’s music playing, and t-shirts hanging from everywhere, while t-shirt vendors line the streets. T-Shirt Day looks like a fun event and any Tee Maniac who lives in Germany should definitely attend when it comes around.

berlin t-shirts


The t-shirt designs over at Volksmarke give off that simplistic “early 20th century line drawing mixed with modern fine art” type impression. The website seems to be more geared toward retailers who want to carry their products, from the way the shopping section of the site is designed. Volksmarke t-shirts and bags can be found a lot shops in all over Berlin and in some U.S. stores like the MoMA design store in New York.

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Now this is what I’m talking about when it comes to cool artsy tees. These t-shirts are just fricken awesome, in terms of color, detail, composition, design…just about everything. Yackfou was created by two German graphic designers, Martin Krusche and Tobias Herrmann, who used the f-word and “you” to create the anagram Yakfou. Weird name? Yep. Cool tees? You bet.

berlin t-shirts berlin t-shirts