International Scene: Italy

December 5, 2008

We’re on the scene again; this time in Italy, the boot-shaped country. Everyone knows that the some of the best leather jackets and designer brands come from Italy. Basically if you’re wearing clothes made in Italy, you’re probably a very fashionable person. But don’t forget about the cool t-shirt brands from Italy. Check out the tee madness in Italy.


italy t-shirts

In this day and age, if you walk outside in a public area and look around, you’ll most likely see someone (if not everyone) with headphones on listening to their mp3 player. There have been more and more devices created for easier mp3 player use like the arm band for iPods. But Music and Sons takes it further by creating t-shirts in which you can plug your headphones into and listen to your mp3 player! Back in May we had a contest called Tees of the Future, wear people submit futuristic t-shirt design ideas. Now Music and Son’s t-shirts are way ahead of their time with their futuristic t-shirts.


italy t-shirts

Another shop hailing from Italy is Planetaria. Their t-shirts are mainly centered around music and sports. They also sell music and DVDs in their shop. If you don’t understand Italian, it’s gonna be a little difficult navigating their site.