International Scene: Paris

January 24, 2009

By Kristine McGlinchey

For the love of fashion, Parisian designs bring the inner creativity and liberation out of designers and onto t-shirts. Here bold colors, no restraints and unfaltering passion for style are a MUST.

Check out the finest tees Paris has to offer.


paris t-shirts

If you are looking to escape from the bore of practical retail, La Fraise features limited edition t-shirts designed and submitted by ordinary people with extraordinary ideas. The tees are ranked by popularity and winning designers are not only given a money prize, but get to see their creations printed. The mastermind behind La Fraise is Patrice Cassard, former web designer turned entrepreneur.

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paris t-shirts

You don’t have to know French to understand that MS Wear boasts some of the most distinguishable designs around. Bright colors and vivid images make these tees put even the most notable designers to shame. The company conceptualized by Jean Philippe Malot, spotlights designs created by independent graphic designers. The collection is inspired by the art of the street, graphics and electronic music.

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paris t-shirts

If skateboard couture is what you are looking for, then that is what you will find at Cindez. Most of the collection boasts assorted neon colors and asymmetrical designs, sure to get you noticed quickly in a crowd. Recognized for their hot designs, Cindez, has been featured in Go Go Paris (, Cosmopolitan and Fashion Daily Magazines, just to keep the list short.

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From their humble beginnings in 2004, Dadawan hopped on the custom tee trend. Re-vamping the company last year, creators decided to not only offer on demand prints for t-shirts but to also allow users to customize their own cushions and canvas’. You may choose to upload your own image or select from the gallery of art submitted by other designers.

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