International Scene: Portugal

Emerging as a top fashion hotspot, it is only appropriate the most exclusive creations be found in Portugal. Intricate designs, vivid colors and unhindered passion for flair, give the country an untouchable edge.

Check out some of Portugal’s elite fashions…

Palm Shirts
portugal t-shirts

Founded by Paulo Arraiano and Leonor Morais, palm combines the limitless possibilities of Portuguese design with street art. Wearing a palm tee is more complex than one may think, as described by Arraiano, “the confrontation of ideas, the spreading of a message will take place by the circulation of the human form dressed with different skins.” Focusing on the fusion of styles, cultures and languages, the palm brand is an international symbol of peace.

World peace lives at

Add Fuel to the Fire
portugal t-shirts

Diogo Machado designs t-shirts but he is not your average t-shirt designer. He is an artist, graphic designer, toy maker, illustrator and proud gamer. His abstract creations are full of vivid color and wonder. Most of Diogo’s work depicts interpretations of aliens and robots and although his characters may not be taking over the world any time soon, who knows maybe his collection will!

World domination accomplished at