International Scene: Toronto

May 15, 2009

By Kristine McGlinchey

Toronto is Canada’s economic capital and epicenter for all things trendy. As one of the top financial centers in the world, it’s no wonder this is where the hottest tee collections can be found. The streets of Toronto are a buzz with fashion. Here, a t-shirt is not only a garment worn to keep your body warm in the breeze. It’s a definition of your character and sets the stage for your personality.

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Men – no need to roam the streets of Toronto in search of the perfect tee any longer! Nomad supplies the hottest A-list apparel for any occasion. The atmosphere of the chic boutique boasts random objects (ladders to hand-carved wooden ledges) which apparel hangs from. High-end designer labels such as Comme des Garçons, Kanye West’s favorite, are a staple here.

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88Back is a line created with the upmost intention of immortalizing and representing hip-hop’s roots, “1988, often referred to as the “golden age of hip-hop…” You’ve heard the year referenced in lyrics by Big Daddy Kane, Jay-Z and Nas. The creators of the line are inspired and they want you to be too, “…the vein of hip-hop will come again, resurrecting the spirit through a mic, a needle, a nozzle tip and the soul of a laced kick.” Hip-hop will never be dead and 88Back clothing will make sure of that!

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Hamako Printed t-shirt

Co-founders Michael Budman and Don Green are proud of their heritage and have the collection to prove it. T-shirts galore can be found for both men and women in assorted colors, styles and designs. The brand was established in 1973 and flourished into the enterprise it is today, recognized for their fine leather goods and eco-conscious business practices. Media follows the line seasonally and clips can be found in Fashion and Hello! Magazines and the Toronto Star.

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Prema Clothing
prema clothing

The team at Prema has created a line of tees designed with goals in mind. First on the agenda – deliver eco-friendly creations to the masses. The collection is made from 100% organic and earth friendly cotton. Next on the agenda – make a difference in the world and community, one tee at a time. A portion of the money raised on each purchase goes directly to charity, such as for efforts to battle breast cancer. Look good and feel good doing it!

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