Keith Haring T-shirts

Keith Haring, famous artist and social activist, had a brief but intense career in the ’80s. His art was inspired by graffiti and street culture and expressed concepts of birth, death, sexuality, and war. Haring’s work was full of bright colors, thick black lines, and simple, but expressive characters. His work was featured in over 100 exhibits and he collaborated with artists and performers like Madonna, Grace Jones, Yoko Ono, and Andy Warhol. Haring’s career was cut short in 1990, when he died of AIDS at the age of 31.

Keith Haring’s designs will soon be available on Kid Robot figures, as a Product (RED) special edition. (RED) joins forces with iconic brands to bring you great (Red) products, events, and new ways to fight aids. When you buy a product, the partners donate up to 50% of the proceeds directly to the global fund to fight AIDS. All of the money (RED) raises is used to fund HIV/AIDS programs in Africa.

Haring believed that art should be accessible to everyone: rich, poor, old, young. So he made his designs available on everything from t-shirts and sweaters, to posters and bags. Here are eight Keith Haring t-shirts, available on his online shop.

see-no-evil NY-Apple Figure-holding-a-heart dj-dog


baby-red bat-dog