Every T-shirt junkie needs a little piece of the authentic underground. Catch a little of this ‘Mitumba’ style comin’ straight out of Nairobi, Kenya – well, sort of. The tees offered by Project Repat boast lush lifelines: they begin here in the States, are bought by me and you, are loved, worn, and donated to local resellers, after a while the resellers pack up their stock and ‘dump’ sell them to countries all over the world, those that make it to Kenya are sold (again) to resellers, who in turn sell them to individuals who set up shop in local marketplaces. From there, Project Repat dives in to salvage tees whose love affairs with owners Stateside can surely be rekindled. Artisans and seamstresses create t-shirt Frankensteins after the trends sweeping Kenya and add those dope bleach lines which apparently are so last year in Kenya but are totally current here. Project Repat then packs ‘em up and takes ‘em home for a double wash and puts them up for sale. Check out this amazing documentary the team put together from their last Kickstarter campaign, and pledge at least $25 to their new campaign to get first dibs on the fresh crop.