NBA Finals 2010 T-Shirts

The 2010 NBA finals are finally here! With the Lakers winning game 1 against the Celtics already, things are looking up for the Lakers. But remember, the Celtics did win the championship back in 2008 against the Lakers, so Boston will be looking to do it again. Every NBA fan knows about the historic rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics; the two greatest teams in NBA history. The Lakers have made 31 finals appearances, while the Celtics have made 21 appearances. The Lakers have won 15 NBA titles while the Celtics have won 17 titles. The Lakers and Celtics have met in the finals 11 times, with the Celtics wining 9 out of those 11 times. Kobe Bryant led the Lakers to a championship last year against the Orlando Magic, while Kevin Garnett and the Celtics took the title against the Lakers.

Enough of this history lesson of the L.A Lakers and Boston Celtics. Just check out these cool t-shirts in relation to the two teams in the 2010 NBA Finals!