Latest Karmaloop Kazbah T-Shirts

Karmaloop is the 800 pound gorilla of online streetwear re-sellers. Their Kazbah Street Market features the best new comers in the game. Here are some new arrivals from the best underground brands.
Through the Fire by 8103 Clothing
8103 Clothing is an underground lifestyle brand established with a focus on mixing skate and pop culture into limitless apparel brand. This sunset beach scene is like flickering flames merging with a restless ocean.
Light Blue Tropics by Sky Culture
Sky Culture Clothing is the fusion of “urban hip hop, art, and the ideas of young aspiring professionals.
This design shows palm trees from the perspective of looking up at the sky.


Suns Roses by Hashtag
Hashtag Clothing is best described as urban with a touch of lavish. This design is Inspired by the Phoenix Suns colorway sneakers.
Crimson by Ambitious Collective

Check out this unstoppable t-shirt from Ambitious Collective. The choice of words, and the colors red and black, symbolize a sense of incredible power and passion. Ambitious Collective is a forward thinking lifestyle brand with more of an aggressive state of mind.
 Crimson Crimson(Detail)
Perception Tee by Bloodbath
Bloodbath aims to break down self-imposed limitations. They have an aggressive/violent theme juxtaposed with clean and simple design. Phantom Vision taps into a level of consciousness beyond what we can see and reflect with our two eyes. It is a spyglass with lenses made of thought and reason, depth perception that heightens with spiritual reflection, enabling the enlightened to see what is invisible.


 Perception Perception(Detail)