Phil Frazier of Black Heartz Clothing is bangin’ out a limited run brand featuring large sleek graphics at only 16 years old. When asked what would drive a kid to buckle down choosing blanks and managing eComm instead of cruisin’ the summer nights without a care in the world Frazier replied: “there was a wide spread case of un-originality in my generation. I felt the need to fill that void with something people could relate to and yet distance themselves from the un-orignal trends.” Nice to know the scrappers up-and-coming are rejecting the homogenized fashion-droid model of the past decade. Keepin’ ya honest, Keepin’ ya on your toes. I’ll let his work speak for itself, check out Black Heartz new Reflector release:

Reflector by Black Heartz
Reflector Tee by Black Hearts

Black Heartz King of Heartz TeeAmerican Flag Tee by Black Heartz