Lisa Frankenstein

The artists at Threadless were challenged to create designs inspired by ’90s pop culture. The winner of the $2,000 cash prize was Lisa Frankenstein. This marvelous mash-up of cute and scary was a collaboration among three artist: Dan Elijah G. Fajardo, Jen Lemasters, & Jerry Maninang.

What if Dr. Frankenstein’s monster had the brain of a middle school-aged girl? Instead of being mean and frightening, he would enjoy eating ice cream and cupcakes while watching rainbows and sunsets. And he would carry a Lisa Frank lunchbox to school.

Frankenstein has been a cultural icon for decades. The story was written in 1818 by Mary Shelly. Mary and her friends spent their evenings around a fire place reading ghost stories. One day, they had a contest to see who could write the scariest story. Mary Shelly was the winner. She originally published Frankenstein anonymously because during her time, female writers were not taken seriously. As the story’s popularity grew, she eventually revealed her identity, and now, Frankenstein is a household name.

In the 1990s, Lisa Frank mania was unstoppable, as little girls everywhere had school supplies and stickers covered with bright rainbow/neon colored depictions of all things cute. Lunchboxes and trapper keepers were decorated with hearts, stars, unicorns, and pandas.

Lisa Frankenstein combines the two cultural icons, into a fabulous fusion of adorable and frightening.