MadFibres – Different is Better

Mad Fibers is a London based graphic design company specializing in producing designs that represent the identity of the wearer. Their  focus is on producing designs that embody things such as landmarks, popular symbols (like coats of arms) and motifs that provide the recipient with a subtle or obvious demonstration of their passion for a district, borough, city or place they feel an allegiance to.

“Our philosophy at Mad Fibers is to create a unified community by recognizing difference and accepting it as a vehicle to demonstrate the unifying passion to share what we love with others”.

The brand has an open art and design submission process that allows artists and designers to submit their work to to be voted on. The winning designs are then sold on a product and the designer receives 20% in royalties.

Going forward, the brand hopes to develop an organically growing community of people engaged in demonstrating their love for the way they represent what’s important to them.

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personalised borough