Maharishi Fall/Winter Collection

Maharishi is one of the most influential designer brands in the UK. Hardy Blechman started the company in 1994, determined to spread the message of peace and respect for nature. The brand explores environmental issues and encourages responsible use of the world’s natural resources. A maharishi, which literally means ‘great seer’, is a teacher of mysticism and spiritual knowledge.

Blechman’s mission is to create environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, long-lasting, high-quality, utilitarian clothing. His brand has always included hemp and natural fibers, organic cottons and recycled military clothing.

“Maharishi prides itself on gaining a respected reputation for not conforming to mainstream fashion trends, placing emphasis on its own points of inspiration and the natural progression of excellent quality, perfect fit and original design. The company continues to develop and expand with a positive attitude, open mind and unique approach, firmly positioning it as one of the most influential and progressive international brands around.”

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