Make Believe Clothing

Make Believe Clothing Co. is a cool brand, created by a dynamic duo who met by fate at a record label. They create classically inspired designs with a modern touch. Inspired by the aesthetic appeal of the 1950s simplicity, they compose designs that are both timeless and appealing to all generations.

TM: When was Make Believe Clothing Co. founded and what inspired you to start the brand?

David : Make Believe Clothing started in December of 09. Brandon and I had met about a year before that through a mutual friend at my record label. He had just moved to Seattle to work for a company called Squad Studios, and I was there working on an album. The fact that we didn’t know each other at all was what sparked the initial idea. we both had a passion for music and design and experience in band merchandise. It was definitely one of those “right place, right time” kind of things.

TM: Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

David : We definitely have a love for Americana, the 50s and nautical designs. As a company, we always want our designs to stand out and be strong on their own. However, its also important that they complement other clothes the buyer already has. (button down shirts and jackets). A lot of brands popping up might have great designs, but may clash with everything you try to pair it with. Subtle designs are key with our company.

TM: Are there any artists or designers who influence you?

Brandon : Andy Warhol and Shepard Fairey are two artists that stick out to me. A lot of their work is very simple but has a huge meaning or message behind it. It’s definitely something we try and incorporate in our clothing and design work as well.

TM: In your blog, you mentioned that you have a moleskin notebook to keep track of all your ideas for Make Believe. Is that a big part of your creative process?

Brandon : I think it plays a huge part in the creative process. Not even with just the clothing line but any kind of art/design project I’m working on. They don’t have to be anything perfect, but it helps to get that idea on to a piece of paper. It’s always a cool process of taking a rough idea and seeing it come to life.

TM: You guys take put in a lot of emphasis on branding. Your various shirt designs have the same overall feeling and you have woven tags sewn on the bottom of each shirt. How important do you think branding is to a t-shirt company?

Brandon : When starting this we wanted to make sure that each line we put out was really cohesive. Even though each shirt is different, as a whole line they play well off of each other. The 3 stars or Make Believe show up on almost every tee but didn’t want people to feel like they were wearing a billboard on their chest. It’s been cool experimenting with different ways to do that.

TM: How do you promote your brand and what are your most effective marketing tactics?

David : Because our company is so new, we are given the freedom to experiment on marketing a little more. of course we do the whole twitter, tumblr, facebook sort of thing, but it has been most effective to get it into stylists hands. a big part of our branding is letting people see who is wearing it and what makes it stand out from other brands as young as we are.
Our shirt was worn by Kristen Stewart on the tonight’s show with Jay Leno a few months back. that has really opened up some doors for us and really gave us the opportunity to go whatever direction we wanted.
We are looking into getting on 7 shows at this year Van’s Warped Tour, releasing a new line this summer and a few limited edition tees. You’ll be able to find out more info on our blog.

TM: Have you collaborated with any other artists or brands before? Is there anyone who you would like to collaborate with?

Brandon : Make Believe hasn’t collaborated with any other brands just yet. We want to try and grow the brand on its own before we decide to work with anyone else. But, our friends Jeremy Beasley and Danny Jones of YASLY helped out on a few of our shirts. They are both extremely talented at what they do.

What are your plans for Make Believe in 2011?

David : Our biggest focus in 2011 is expanding the brand to be something more than a t-shirt company. graphic tees will always be a focus, but we do want to branch out.

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