Michael Jackson Tee Shirts (Pt. 3)

We all know how great Michael Jackson was, so there’s no need for me to go into an intro about the greatest singer of all time. But I was recently listening to a playlist I made with 20 Michael Jackson songs, and it bought back memories and a sense of happiness as I bobbed my head to hits like ‘Dirty Diana’, ‘Beat It’ and ‘Human Nature’.

The week after Michael Jackson’s death, we featured shirts honoring the king of pop. Then on his birthday (which is the day before mine), we came back with featuring some more cool MJ t-shirts. For this issue, there really isn’t a particular occasion relating to Michael Jackson, but I found some more Michael Jackson tees and decided that we had to highlight them on T-Shirt Magazine. Check out the cool Michael Jackson tees in the 3rd Michael Jackson t-shirts article!

michael jackson billie jean t-shirt michael jackson pop is dead t-shirt michael jackson moon t-shirtmichael jackson king of pop t-shirt jackson 4 t-shirt(Okay, well this one isn’t exactly a Michael Jackson t-shirt, but I think the other Jackson’s should be honored, too)

michael jackson one glove t-shirt michael jackson birds t-shirt