MoMA Destination: Japan

June 6, 2008

The MoMA, or the Museum of Modern Art, is famous for is outstanding collection of modern works of art. The museum also has a store that has some really cool stuff for sale. After countless museum field trips its safe to say that the MoMA store is one of the best souvenir shops in any art museum–ever. Recently they’ve been doing this special on Japan. The shop is offering a bunch of thing-a-ma jigs from Japan for a limited time. Destination: Japan is a MoMA-exclusive product collection highlighting lifestyle products from Japan. Check out our favorite picks from the store:

moma japan
These animal creations come from the world in between reality and imagination. Made of ATBC-PVC, each animal is an exact scaled-down replica of its live counterpart, except in bright, playful colors.
moma japan
These intriguing scarves are made from a high-tech yarn that changes color when exposed to cold or heat (including body heat). The scarves change from green to yellow or gray to white when worn. Made of Polyvinylidene.
moma japan
Durable and versatile, these protective work gloves have stylish graphic grips that can be displayed on the palm or on the back of the hand. The graphic on each glove displays Tokyo’s subway system. Made of polyester. Machine washable in cold water.
moma japan
These eye masks have wide-eyed expressions like anime characters, and are fun to wear at parties or while sleeping to appear at full attention. Made of PVC.
Hands Free Umbrella
Perfect for busy people on-the-go, this umbrella’s handle is made of flexible rubber that can be molded around the shoulder for carrying. Hands are free to carry other items such as bags or food and beverages. Made of polyester, glass fiber, aluminum, plastic, PU, and rubber.
moma japan
Originally created for use at the popular Sugakiya ramen noodle restaurant chain in Japan, this combination fork-spoon easily twists noodles and ladles soup. Ecologically, it was intended to eliminate the waste created by disposal chopsticks. Dishwasher safe. Made of stainless steel.