Motivational Tees

The summer can be an excuse for some of us lazy bums to take complete advantage. Laziness reaches an all time high due to the blistering heat. We use the excuse “It’s too hot to go outside” or “It’s too hot to work” or “It’s too hot to do anything”. Quite frankly, we end up putting off our greatest passions and blame it on summer vacation. Now, I’m not saying that we all don’t deserve a good ol’ break every now and then. I’m just saying that we need to be reminded to stay on track and keep it moving. Otherwise, all those hopes and dreams will be put off. That great product design that you had in mind…yeah, you know the one that you believed would be a big hit? Well by then it would have been created by some genius who managed his time correctly and busted his butt.
I’ve found a couple motivational tees that are guaranteed to inspire the wearer:

“Fall Seven Times. Get Up Eight Times. Never Stop”. This tee has a hidden message on the back, but in order to see it you have to literally go through blood, sweat and tears. ViewSPORT is the first brand to produce tees with Sweat Activated Technology.

Local Advancers “Always Advance” phrase tee encourages one to move forward with their aspirations and goals. Constantly falling prey to procrastination will kill your chances of success. “Always Advance, never digress”, the creator says.

Both of these tees are available for only $25. Get the “Always Advance” and “Fall Down 7 Get Up 8”
tees today to give you the extra push you need to succeed.