Myspace Marketing

August 15, 2008

Social networks are great tools for promotion to many small businesses. Myspace marketing is becoming more and more common, and nearly every business has a Myspace page. Does yours? If not, well I guess you already know what I’d suggest. If you plan on getting started or do happen to have a Myspace page for your t-shirt business, here are a few tips to help you out.

1) Don’t come across as too corporate and businessy. People are on Myspace to interact with other PEOPLE not businesses or executives. Come across as a regular person who runs a t-shirt business. You’ll seem more welcoming that way.

2) Add people you know, people they know, and people you truely believe are in your target audience. On Myspace you can actually hand-pick your future customers, so this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Be picky. Before you start adding friends, figure out who your target market is. Add people who you don’t think wouldn’t report you as a spammer.

3) By no means should you go on a SPAM rampage. If you just create a page and add a bunch of random people and start sending them all advertisements for your t-shirts you’ll most likely get flagged and ultimately removed from the network.

4) Use a friend adding bot with caution. These bots let you find friends by entering a keyword of your choice. Yeah, they’re against Myspace’s terms of service, but if you’re a one man business and you’re looking to increase the number of friends you can add each day, this might be the best option. Set limits just to be safe. For example, send a maximum of 200 friend requests each day.

5) Post bulletins every day. Don’t go posting 50 bulletins a day, but take advantage of the feature. Bulletins are like messages that every single friend of yours is able to see, so market through them often.

6) You should include images of the t-shirts you sell in one of your photo albums. If possible, every design you have to offer should be shown. Your friends can then comment on your designs, giving you positive feedback. This serves as a qualifier when other people see your designs. Compare it to product reviews on an e-commerce website.

7) Chit-chat with your friends. Its inevitable that you’ll get messages from people who love what you’re doing, and you should engage in conversation with them. You should also comment friends’ pages, photos, and videos, and even send messages. Have a genuine interest in chatting with them. They’ll appreciate that you’re not just on Myspace to promote and make a quick buck.

8 ) Make your page fun. Have funny, cool, or weird pictures and videos on it, a funky design, and a catchy display name and status. Add music, and even a few games. Be careful not to overcrowd it though. Too much could overwhelm the eyes, and visitors will quickly exit your page.

9) Keep a Myspace blog. Often update it and keep people coming back. Make sure to have interesting topics, as you would any other blog. Even something like progress updates would be cool, just to keep fans up to date on the progress of your business. What ever keeps them visiting.

10) Remember it takes time to build your brand recognition. Just have fun with it and don’t stress over not seeing sales overnight. If you keep at it, you’ll start seeing sales grow and your popularity increase. You’ll be a myspace star in no time!