National Scene: Arizona

Arizona, the 48th state of the United States, is home to the beautiful Grand Canyon and many famous musicians, including Jimmy Eat World and Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. However, Arizona has more to offer than just geologic formations and musical artists. There are also  a handful of great t-shirt companies located in this state that offer many different styles of designs. You’ll surely find something to your liking!

Bobby Fresh

Bobby Fresh is a streetwear brand that started back in 2007. Many of the designs reference music and popular culture, with some of the current best sellers paying homage to Michael Jackson and Jay-Z. Along with having its own webstore, Bobby Fresh apparel can also be found in a sizable list of online stores and shops all over the globe. If you’re looking for some streetwear from Arizona, Bobby Fresh is a great place to look!

Arkaik Clothing

Arkaik Clothing was founded in 2007 by Jordan Abidor. Since then, the brand has greatly expanded. With its recent merge with Of Rome Clothing, Arkaik has formed a new branch called Arkaik: Empire. Whereas Arkaik’s main line features colorful designs, Empire is a much darker line. Arkaik offers a great array of products, including tees, belts, and tanks. Whether you’re looking for bright and fun designs or darker, more serious pieces, Arkaik is a great store to scope out!

Go Ape

Go Ape is a company run by Josh Perkins that got its start in 2005. Contributing to the shop’s many design offerings are a whole slew of amazing artists including Aaron Hogg, Christian San Jose, and Olly Moss. Many designs are colorful, and a handful of them are inspired by popular media. There are also plenty of artistic pieces if you’re not into pop culture references, so don’t dismiss Go Ape when you’re shopping for new tees!

Miles To Go

Founded in 2007, Miles To Go is a company that offers a wide variety of products, including tees, belts, and specific items cut just for women. Some of the designs are even offered in kid sizes! Their design range is somewhat dark, and there are some selections that relate to characters in mythology and also religion.