National Scene: Atlanta Pt.2

New York, Los Angeles and Miami have some fierce competition from Atlanta which has emerged as the next fashion hot spot. Known for its urban flair, the city of southern hospitality has a diverse fashion sense and is always an innovator in style. Ludacris, Ciara, TI and hot dances may come top of mind when ATL is mentioned but now get to know some of these awesome designers you can’t help but love.

Indie Peace


Founded in 2007 by fashion photographer Lawton Ursrey and fashion designer John Van De Wiel, Indie Peace promises to deliver “socially responsible” apparel. Each tee is handmade and tailored to make you look lean and cut through specialized cut & sew techniques. “The mark of INDIE is Fashion, Fit, and Organic Fabric in perfect harmony.”

Go lean at Indie Peace.



Graphic tees for the skater in all of us, founded by two friends Michael and Anthony. Their unique designs are inspired by broken skateboards, “Not wanting to throw out the boards that break, we make collages with ours and others’ old broken ones and then print the designs on shirts,” says the creative duo.

One person’s junk is another person’s treasure at Decktrash.

Project e Clothing
This popular clothing brand frequents the pages of national magazines, appears in television shows and is worn by rockstars. The husband and wife tag team Michael and Gina Hecht founded the people’s revolution clothing line, which “XX” has now become its signature. The line was originally introduced in 1997 and inspired by billboards, restaurants, stores, and roadside signs.

Go vintage or go home at Project e  Clothing.

Presidential Fits


Representing Atlanta’s urban flair and street-savvy culture, Presidential Fits lives by “Street Politics.” The brand’s designers aim to deliver versatile garments, “Our constituents expect fashion forward collections that reflect their sense of style and their need to stay a cut above the rest.” From bold and flashy to discrete and mellow the line offers a distinct tee for every occasion.

Choose your Fit at