National Scene: Atlanta

January 9, 2009

Atlanta: the capital and largest city of Georgia, is known for a lot of things. You have a lot of well-known hip hop artists from there such as Lil John, Ludacris, T.I., and Young Jeezy, it’s home of the Braves, the Hawks, and the Falcons (who lost a great quarterback thanks to that whole dog-fighting scandal he was involved in), and home of the Georgia Aquarium, which is the largest aquarium in the world. Atlanta is also home to some great clothing lines and t-shirt designers. Check the t-shirt madness in the ATL.

atlanta t-shirts
The creators of Pecan Pie Couture refer to their brand as “truly a Southern bell – one who’s not afraid of to roll up her sleeves and and roll out the dough”. Clint Zeagler and Jud Savelle founded Pecan Pice Couture in February 2006 with the goal of creating a clothing line that would express both the lavish traditions and the down-to-earth nature of the American South. Pecan Pie Couture not only has southern inspired designs; they also have their t-shirts made out of organic cotton that’s grown in the south and have a southern t-shirt manufacturer that produces their shirts.

Check ’em out!

atlanta t-shirts

Well, this brand is actually based in Marietta, GA, but it’s in the Atlanta metropolitan area so it works. We’ve mentioned Eric Terry and his brainchild, Linty Fresh, many times in T-Shirt Magazine and here’s another mention. Linty Fresh products are full of fun with crazy designs. Eric Terry talks about his adventures on his blog and even has a video series taking you behind the scenes of Linty Fresh.

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atlanta t-shirts
Serious Ron a.k.a Ron Lewis is a t-shirt designer from Atlanta who claims he was “born on a cigarette boat going 90 mph through the Gulf of Mexico.” His t-shirt designs vary in style; from cartoon-y to photo manipulation designs. But it can be said that all of his t-shirt designs are pretty cool.

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