National Scene: Boston (Pt. 2)

When you think about New England, a city that inevitably crosses your mind is Boston, Massachusetts. One of the best known tee companies founded in Boston is Johnny Cupcakes, covered in T-Shirt Magazine’s first Boston article. Although there’s one major player in the Boston scene, there are plenty of other growing companies that I would keep my eye on!

Huzzah Goods

If you like video game inspired tees, then Huzzah Goods is a great place to browse game-related designs! Not only are there t-shirts, but Huzzah Goods also sells their designs on long sleeves and hoodies. If you’re a fan of Nintendo products or old-school games like Pac-Man and Tetris, then you may find something that suits you at Huzzah Goods.

Cavata Clothing

Founded by musician Lori Kirk, Cavata Clothing has tees inspired by music and art. CAVATA stands for “Creating A Voice About The Arts,” and 10% of each sale goes to Boston-area public schools and non-profit organizations that support programs for the arts. There is a nice mixture of styles available at Cavata Clothing, with bright designs alongside one-color designs. If you’re into music or art in general, then be sure to hop on over to Cavata Clothing to see their full catalog!

Dance Party Massacre

Alex Dakoulas started Dance Party Massacre back in 2007. The designs offered at Dance Party Massacre feature horror components in combination with party-related elements. Now on its third full line, Dance Party Massacre has expanded its product range to include items such as fingerless gloves and ski masks. Take a look around Dance Party Massacre store today, and you might find something fun for your closet!


Finroo is a design competition site that produces extremely limited tees. With four different lines, Finroo offers shirts that are limited to 200, 100, 50, and 25 pieces. All of the designs are printed on bamboo and organic cotton tees, and a majority of the designs are on white t-shirts. If the eco-friendly tees weren’t enough, a percentage of each t-shirt sold goes to a charity chosen by the artist!