National Scene: Houston

February 7, 2009

By Kristine McGlinchey

Favorite pair of jeans (check), cowboy boots (check), cowboy hat (optional). Pair your necessities with one of these exclusive creations from Houston’s best.

Check out the latest from the Lone Star state.

Chaplon Clothing Company
houston t-shirts
Come to the place where “Classics Never Die.” At Chaplon Clothing Company, hip-hop graffiti fuses with bold colors of skateboard couture to form exclusive handmade designs. You may even learn a life lesson by previewing a tee and reading its description. Like the ‘Live Life’ logo tee, “…life is a bad game, Imperfect and Unfair.. so play it well.. and when nothing is sure, everything is POSSIBLE…”

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Moral Fabric
houston t-shirts

The only way to describe designer Bobby Wiggins collection is green meets karma meets chic. “The designs are the physical and artistic representations of my life and experiences,” says the twice reincarnated fashion guru. Moral Fabric tees are a combination of 100% organic cotton and positive energy and can be seen in Yahoo! News, Envy Magazine and the Houstonist.

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Word! Apparel

22-year-old Levi Hardeman is the mad scientist behind Word! Apparel. He must see monsters when he closes his eyes, thus the inspiration for his line. There isn’t much to choose from but the current collection will have you in a daze. Whether that is a good or bad thing, well you decide.

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Cloth Moth
houston t-shirts
Credit for these clever t-shirts goes to Joshua Merritt, his wife Kelly and friend Scott David McCarver. Each tee has its own story that you will have the pleasure of enjoying once you preview it. If you purchase the t-shirt pictured above, $5.00 goes to the continued efforts of the American Red Cross disaster relief fund for Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Don’t you just love fashion with a cause and a good sense of humor?

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