National Scene: Los Angeles (Pt. 2)

June 20, 2009

By Kristine McGlinchey

Try not to get too blinded by the flashing lights of Tinsel town. Behind the glitz and glamour of LA (way behind) there are sincere designers who take pride in staying true to their original selves. In a town where your best asset is your connections and the competition is crazy fierce, staying grounded may actually get you farther. These designers know who they are and where they came from and even LA can’t take that away from them.

Check out what’s underneath LA’s layers…

KC Los Angeles

unity t-shirt

Inspired by her roots, family and passion for fashion, the designer of these dignified tees created them “with the objective of inspiring integrity, respect and self-esteem with messages we can all embrace.” Peace, Love, Faith, Beauty, Unity and Hope are values that the collection keeps at the very core of its creations. Givng back to the community is also an essential focus of the brand, “10% of every purchase will be donated to Para Los Ninos a non profit family service organization.”

Give Hope at


no bozos t-shirt

Sal Barbier, popular 90’s skateboarder, has a resume that will put yours to shame. Known for his stylish wardrobe and revered skate shoe, Etnies Sal 23, he is no stranger to skateboard couture. As head designer for top companies as well as his own brands, Sal dominates the skate-fashion fusion. His tee collection boasts comedic vintage gear, preparing skateboarders for anything a day of grinding may bring.

Solid Gold Rags

solid gold rags

Designers Perry Shimon and Oliver Kupper bring to you perfectly worn-in tees without the vintage expense. Using screen-prints of pop culture icons from decades past the duo selects their muses by what moves them. These ultra-chic garments are also luxuriously soft, making it easier to cuddle up closer to your own muse.


tapout penthouse

As the official apparel of the MMA, TapouT clothing can be considered nothing less than bad ass. The mystery trio who founded the brand go by the names of Mask, Punkass and Skyskrape. Each has a secret identity and personal duty to make the brand even more of a global sensation than it has become in recent years. Although the trio’s identities will continue to remain a mystery, one thing is certain – TapouT corners the competition.

Knock’em out at

Goodie Two Sleeves

cooler ways to die t-shirt

Goodie Two Sleeves offers clever t-shirts sure to touch the life of at least one person throughout your day. The 80’s feel of the collection intermingled with its highlighter-colored duds, possesses lighthearted humor, as according to designers “because not everyone wants to wear a cuss word on their chest!” Their mission to clean up fashion has spread to their clientele which includes Disney and NBC Universal to produce brand merchandise for theme parks and hit TV shows.

‘Keeping it clean’ since ’92