National Scene: Miami

January 30, 2009

By Kristine McGlinchey

Palm trees, beaches, diverse culture and unexpected fashions are the heart and soul of Miami. The city of sunshine houses some of the latest and greatest rising fashion designers rooted with a keen sense of art, creativity, and a knack for stirring controversy.

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“I don’t think about what my designs mean to others, I just know what they mean to me,” states designer David Jon Acosta. Others will definitely find it hard to resist the unique funky, fresh vintage fashions David offers. Having graced the pages of Ocean Drive Magazine, Six Degrees, (to be modest) Gold Saturn supplies more than just tees, but rather style statements.

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Become a walking piece of art with abstract designs courtesy of momimomi. The collection began when two roommates, Danny Leder and Olin McKenzie, sought an outlet for their creativity from the daily oppression of routine jobs. Their blood, sweat and hustling paid off quickly, as their business took off. It has since been featured in GQ, New York, LA Confidential and Ocean Drive Magazines.

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Miami natives Ronnie Rivera and Christina Felisgrau not only founded Lucha Workshop, but design each of the exclusive t-shirts featured on the web site. Introducing hand-drawn creations enticing visitors to pick and choose, these tees are sure to spark more than just a passing interest. You can find Lucha Workshop featured on Venus Zine, Etsy and Daily Candy.

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