National Scene: North Carolina

June 26, 2009

By Kristine McGlinchey

As the home of the classic Hanes t-shirt, North Carolina designers have a lot to prove. Home-grown and eco-friendly is a pattern that exists in most NC brands. Always fresh, always progressing while keeping true to its roots, NC fashion may not have the glam of LA or the flair of the runways of Paris, but it is here to show the world how “oh-so-simple” can be “oh-so-trendy!

Check out the evolution of NC tees…

316 Graphics
316 graphics

Illustrator Philip Hepler can make your design dreams come true. Specializing in graphic design Hepler works with clients to make their visions a reality from skateboard decks to apparel – you think it, he materializes it. True to his spiritual roots, Hepler draws inspiration from a higher power up above and delights with his multifaceted talents. While you peruse his site be sure to check out his latest venture, Paid in Full apparel.

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TS Designs

TS Designs
Bound by social and environmental influences the team behind the organic apparel line takes eco-consciousness to new heights. “People, the Planet, and Profits” is the business model that fuels the company and they have only just begun in their mission to renew your sense of fashion. “Our vision is to transform the world we live in, both in small and large measures alike. Creating economic, ecological, and social prosperity while ensuring that future generations have the same opportunity.”

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Dead Bodies Don’t Drown

Dead Bodies Don't Drown
Committed to personal excellence the team at DBDD proclaims, “It’s totally fine for you to dislike our designs, think we’re hypocrites for whatever reason, or to just hate us personally even though you don’t know us, but you will respect us for not being design stealing, trust-fund babies. Go write that on your notebook.” Looking to inspire haters around the globe, the unavoidable designs of the collection encourages the support of musicians, athletes and anyone with talent to execute their plan of international recognition. Once you get past the sarcasm (good luck) strategically placed everywhere on the website the shirts are completely customizable by color and style.

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Dirtball Fashion

Dirtball Fashion

Former professional race car driver Joe Fox traded in his NASCAR for fashion. His new clothing company Dirtball targets individuals with an active lifestyle seeking eco-friendly apparel and goods. After you place a tee in your shopping cart don’t forget to grab a pair of shorts, made from recycled plastic bottles. They are completely recyclable, once you are done with them you can send them back to Dirtball be re-spun into polyester. For being so eco-savvy you will receive a 20% discount for a future purchase! Also, $1 will go to a charity of your choice upon purchasing one of these American-made tees.

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Poetic Justice

Daniel and Marylou Sanders have come a long way from their first venture, Sardine Productions, in the 80’s. As they evolved so did their businesses, launching the first mass produced apparel line from organically grown cotton, EcoSport in the early 90’s. Always inventive Marylou began Poetic Justice, merging eco and chic, made from locally produced organic cotton. Men get set to impress with your green tees and ladies don’t forget to check out the organic wedding gown collection!

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