National Scene: San Diego

March 6, 2009

San Diego, aka America’s Finest City, is indeed a very beautiful city. Palm trees, sunny days, beaches, zoos…ahh…I gotta be there. Besides the beautiful environment of San Diego, the city also is home to these cool t-shirt brands.


Abe Ragnarok - Glow in the Dark

Enclothe began in 2003, when founder, Jeremy Hanlin printed up a small batch of shirts titled ‘War Monger’. “The shirts were a huge success and soon a domain was purchased and I set up shop.” The designs on the Enclothe t-shirts are very detailed and the colors in the collection vary widely.

If you’re into artistic t-shirt designs, then get yourself some tees at Enclothe.

APB Clothing

80's Girl - Teal Money Tree

APB (American Pig Brand) is a streetwear clothing brand, established in 1999, based on the concept of the unique and sometimes excessive aspects of American culture; from SUV’s, to 24 hour drive-thrus, to pre-approved platinum credit cards. Basically, the brand celebrates the American way, through satire and humor.

Show your American pride by getting a tee from APB Clothing.

Envee Aparrel

Envee Apparel is an innovative company that strives to create quality products that transcend time, culture and fashion. Founder Robert Hartland started the company in order to help change the market and help people become individuals again, instead of “slaves to hype”.

If you’re an individual, buy some tees from Envee Clothing.