National Scene: St. Louis

March 13, 2009

St.  Louis, aka ‘STL’, aka ‘The Lou’, aka ‘The Gateway to the West’ is America’s 52nd largest city (having been the 4th largest in the early 1900s) and is home to a large Irish population. St. Louis is famous for the Gateway Arch and the Apotheosis of St. Louis (a bronze statue of the cities namesake on horseback), and is home to the Cardinals and the Rams. St. Louis is also home to these cool t-shirt brands.

St. Louis Arch Vegas Style

STL-Style is a t-shirt brand that really represents St. Louis and is geared towards “St. Louisans themselves”. Founded in Summer 2001, STL-Style has been creating shirts that show St. Louis pride for over seven years. Like many t-shirt brands,the founders of STL-Style started the brand with no intention to really market their products, but as they began to receive large amounts of requests for their tees, they took the brand more seriously. Now, their products are in many stores across St. Louis and are well-known in their city. And remember…”you can’t spell ‘style’ without ‘STL’.”

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Inside Shirt.Woot

The ‘woot’ model has become a very popular selling tactic lately. Basically, one product, and only one, is up for sale on the site for a limited period of time (24 hours). After that day, the product is no longer sold and a new product is sold the following day. Shirt.Woot has a lot of success with this model, selling exclusive and limited t-shirt designs. Although Shirt.Woot prints it’s t-shirt designs at their printing facility in Carrollton, TX,  the main Woot office is in St. Louis, MO. Shirt.Woot is open to any experienced, talented designer out there who doesn’t mind “ruining their good name by being associated with us [Shirt.Woot]”.

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Nodbod is an apparel printing company that prides itself as being the sublimation experts of all-over-printing. Nodbod specializes in both short-run and large run prints, allowing t-shirt designers to get products made for a small group of friends or to sell on a large scale to retailers.

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