National Scene: Washington, D.C.

January 16, 2009

By Kristine McGlinchey

Washington D.C. houses some of the most creative t-shirt designers in the nation. With designs that demand society to make a statement, in the land of politics and history, fashion is a revolution. Check out the t-shirt madness in D.C.


washington, d.c. t-shirts
Artist, Illustrator and Designer Chris Bishop combines a wild sense of humor with a colorful imagination (as seen above) to produce his little masterpieces. Creator of Pretty Girls and Robots and the comic strip HER! [GIRL VS PIG], Chris takes his love of art to new levels. Featured on Daily Candy, the Washington Post Express and Permission Magazine, this designer is not new to the limelight.

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washington, d.c. t-shirts

Men, say goodbye to awkward conversation starters and having to wonder if the cutie by the bar is single. From now on she will wear her availability on her chest (literally). Founders Kristin and Tamera believe, “SingleTees make us appear friendlier, approachableā€¦and honestly, more fun. Wear one and get conversations started!” If you don’t agree, Mariah Carey sure does. In her “Touch My Body” music video she sports a SingleTease “boyscouting” midriff.

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washington, d.c. t-shirts

If you are one of those creative, clever types, who likes to wear their own original designs then the “You think it. We ink it” motto at may be for you. Choose from an assortment of styles, colors, sizes and images to create your custom tee. The company is run and founded by three college buddies: Marc Katz, Chairman, President and CEO; Dave Christensen, Secretary and Michael Driscoll, Director.

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washington, d.c. t-shirts

Stussy DC Chapter teams up with Commonwealth to throw a HISTORIC event January 19, leading up to the chaos of Inauguration day. Bun B and Wale will be in the building to start off the celebration. Another perk of attending besides the food and drinks: exclusive limited edition t-shirts will be released during the party.

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