Nicolo Nimor

November 29, 2008

NN: Hmmm, I really like the “SASQUATCH FISH GUTS”. It story goes like I was in my office and was bored, I get my pencil and papers and draw something out of it. Actually THP told me “the look of the Sasquatch is not what they looking for”. But still I continued to render it and after it was done. They dig it and the people came to dig it too so I’m happy for that design.

THE HORROR PROJECT - sasquatch fish guts image

TM: What challenges have you faced as a t-shirt designer?

NN: Well, my own personal challenge as a designer is being an Asian. Living in Asia and at the same time a designer for bands and companies in the west is hard. My ways of communication are just an email or an instant messenger.

TM: How do you get inspiration for your t-shirt designs?

NN: I get inspiration from different clothing lines with different styles and through music. I listen a lot of music and also exploring clothing lines everywhere. gets me to do some tees that i feel innovative and much different from other tee design that existed. I wanna do something different.

TM: Which artists have served as an inspiration and been an influence to you?

NN: There’s a couple of artists in the designer industry that influenced me a lot namely Aziz (Godmachine), Brandon Heart and Maxx242. they influenced me a lot and made use of some techniques i got from them to my designs.

TM: What are some helpful tips you can give to other t-shirt designers out there?

NN: To all those designers out there, don’t stop doing your stuff ‘cuz you feel you suck or something’s not good. Do your thing, be creative, be original. There’s a lot of things in the world that inspire you. Don’t just stick something that you feel [like] doing, but be open to the world. Try making something eye popping all the time. That’s the key.
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