Nubian King Taharqa Graphic t-shirt by

The newest graphic t-shirt from Ramomart features the nubian pharaoh Taharqa. Taharqa was the last to rule the largest empire in Africa’s history. It stretched from Axun/Ethiopia all the way to modern day Jerusalem. He was the last great king to defend the north east Africa from Assyrian invaders he and is mentioned in 2nd Kings in the Bible.

Taharqa was the last great builder in Africa and made great contributions to the temple of Amun at IpT SuT/Karnak. He was buried in the last great Pyramid on the African continent, similar to the pyramid seen on the American dollar bill today.

The image is based on a sculpture of the king and was then painted in oils on canvas and then transferred to a cotton t-shirt. You can view more works by the artist at

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