If you’ve been following T.I.’s one-sided love affair with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, then you’ll appreciate the irony behind this AKOO release. T.I. had originally been arrested at his Atlanta home back in 2007, you know, just loungin’ around with three black-market machine guns. After serving 10 months, he laid low just long enough to blink before he and fiancée Tiny Cottle were pinched with another trifecta – this time a bag of ecstasy, opiates, and another convicted felon. He made his second appearance in the slammer for 11 months before finally making a clean break this September, or so he thought. Exactly two days after his release, he had fellow inmates doing a double take. Oh yeah, “I’m Back” is right. Apparently when the FBP tells you to take a van to your half-way house, they don’t mean a double-decker tour bus. T.I.’s apparel label AKOO (A King of Oneself) may think they are releasing this tee to celebrate the rapper’s comeback to the spotlight, but you and I know we just might snag it for the laughs. And don’t feel too guilty if you do, proceeds of the sales will go towards the Music Education Group and Saving Our Daughters charitable organizations. Be sure to pick it up now, this release has been out only seven days and demand has scaled it back to sell online only.