National Scene: Oregon

Oregon is one of those states that we here on the east coast easily forget about. The only thing that I know about Oregon is that the Portland Trail Blazers are based out there. But don’t sleep on Oregon though; the state is home to some really cool clothing lines. We’re back on the scene again, this time, covering t-shirt brands and designers from the state of Oregon.

Rise Up Clothing

Rise Up Clothing is Art-Driven couture deeply rooted in social activism, music, and grass roots humanitarian movements”.  Rise Up’s collection includes t-shirts designs depicting the social challenges and controversies that are occurring all around the world. But the people of Rise Up go beyond clothing when it comes to standing up for a cause. As seen in their blog, the team has traveled to countries such as India and Nicaragua to engage in humanitarian efforts.

Pennant Race
Pennant Race logo
Pennant Race is a t-shirt brand based out of Beaverton, OR, that designs shirts based on notable athletes, teams, and events in the sports industry.  Back in March, we interviewed Ryan, the owner of Pennant Race, about the brand. If you’re really into sports, then you you’ll love the products that Pennant Race puts out.

Capital Brand

Like Pennant Race, Capital Brand is another clothing line with some sports themed t-shirt designs. To honor the great basketball legend, Capital Brand has created some of the t-shirts that you see in the Michael Jordan T-Shirts article. With t-shirts like ‘Nike Head’ and ‘Dunks n Jordans’, the clothing line has garnered press from sites like Hypebeast and The Hundreds Blog and have been spotted in the David Banner ft. Chris Brown video, “Get Like Me (Stuntin’ is a habit)”.