Pete's Print Shop

November 14, 2008

Pete's Print Shop: Screen Print Apparel, T-Shirts and Posters!
Pete Fitzgerald, owner of Pete’s Print shop, talks about his experience as a print shop owner.

So for us, how we went about it was first to apprentice at various shops, learning different techniques and efficiency printing large runs, basically just learning how to work and operate in a print shop. Then after a few years, we saved enough money and took out a sizable loan to buy equipment, inks, and rent a studio space.

It took a long time to find a space that was reasonable and especially finding the equipment necessary to run a professional shop, versus printing purely in water based ink which doesn’t require industrial equipment.

Next we had to develop enough samples by designing a lot of our own stuff and early clients to build a portfolio for the print shop and offer samples for review by newer clients. Then we designed the website and promotional cards which we handed out to local businesses. In the beginning few months I would walk around Manhattan and Brooklyn going business to business starting on 168th st. and walking down to the village.

Once enough word got out we started relying a lot on references and contacts in everything from bands to the fashion industry. Its been a while and its still really hard to keep the momentum going, every once in a while I will walk around again passing out cards and talking to business owners. The hardest part is getting jobs and clients that we really enjoy working on, stuff like what you [The T-Shirt Gang] do; small designers and musicians, versus corporate clients.

More info:
Pete’s Print Shop is a full service screen print studio, catering to any and all of your needs; we will print anything! We strive to provide our customers with the most economic option while maintaining the perfection necessary in printable garments, posters, and specialized invitations! We strive to treat each and every piece we output as a piece of art meant to be viewed on its own.”