Petrified Panda T-Shirt

How’s this for an original concept: Frightened (but cute) animals + alliteration + a gut-wrenching tale of mystery? Well, Petrified Panda combines these into a branded experience on their website, This ‘Petrified Panda‘ tee is the flagship design that takes after the brand’s title.

Through the frightened, mortified, petrified, and horrified expressions of adorable animals (animated images – don’t worry, no animals were actually spooked), Petrified Panda seeks to accentuate their cuteness through means other than the over-used complexions of joy and happiness. Each animal’s frightened expressions are captured and then paired up with an alliterating adjective that describes it. And et voila – thus is the concept of Petrified Panda’s shirts!



You can buy the Petrified Panda tee at their online shop for $20 (shipping included!). Also, for the next 8 customers, use the coupon code ‘MONKI20’ at checkout for 20% off!

Check out Petrified Panda today!