Pharrell’s Favorite BBC/Ice Cream T-Shirts

Pharrell sat down with Complex to talk about his top ten favorite pieces from BBC/Ice Cream. Every piece has a story behind it, so it was hard for him to narrow it down to just ten. He said, “It’s kind of like asking Willy Wonka which is his favorite candy and which did he put more thought into.”

When he got his first t-shirt sample, he was so excited, he wore it right then and there…something he’s notorious for doing.  His list includes everything from t-shirts and jackets, to gold bricks and ski masks. Here are the t-shirts from the list.

Swarovski Crystal Tees

“Those were moments. People were flippin. And I was very excited too, cause I felt like…we literally put our name in lights.”



The ‘So Ambitious T-Shirt’

In collaboration with Jay-Z, BBC released this t-shirt to celebrate their song  on Jay’s number 1 album, The Blueprint 3.



The T-Shirt That Went to Space

 “I wish I had the guts to be that shirt, but I do not, so a shirt had to take my place. We currently have had, for a minute, a really good, honest, cool rapport with NASA. They knew how much I was obsessed with them and how much our brand is based on the idea that man went to the moon. And so, we developed a relationship with Buzz, and so he just offered to take it up there…BBC shirt’s floatin’ around…Ballin!”




Watch the video, to see the rest of the list