Pirate T-Shirts

At first I thought pirates were nothing but make-believe characters from fairy tales and fables, but then after reading more about them, I found out that pirates actually were real. As a matter of fact, there’s pirates out there right now (like those Somalian pirates). Speaking of the Somalian pirates, although piracy is a threat to be taken seriously, you gotta admit, it was pretty cool hearing about that in the news. In my mind I was thinking “What? There’s pirates out there today shipjacking and robbing ships for treasure? Cool!” But, it’s great to hear that the people from the U.S. that who were recently captured are now safe, those pirates were all shot down, and that there a major initiatives being taken to stop piracy worldwide.

Pirates in the real world = scary and a threat to society. Pirates in the fictional world = fun and cool. Check out these pirate inspired t-shirts. Feel free to arrgh-ue about your favorite pirate tees in the comments section (had to throw that in there).

where's my booty t-shirt skull with eye patch t-shirt

anchor mustache t-shirt eye patch mustache t-shirt iphone t-shirt

paul frank pirate t-shirted hardy pirates t-shirt

dead pirate t-shirt

apple pirate t-shirt

octopus pirate t-shirt