December 13, 2008

We interview AJ Vaynerchuk of PleaseDressMe.

Please Dress Me - AJ TM: So, how did you come up with the concept for PleaseDressMe?

AV: PleaseDressMe came up when I was in San Francisco this past summer. I was hanging out with Joe Stump (one of the co-founders) and we were brainstorming. We had a different concept for another t-shirt related site, and after tons of brainstorming we finally came up with PleaseDressMe since we felt there was a hole in the t-shirt search / buying market.

TM: How has your internship with Revision3 helped you with the creation of Please Dress Me?

AV: Revision3 was a great experience. Wonderful work culture, and a wonderful opportunity to see the inner workings of a start up. I don’t think there was something specific from the internship, but the experience as a whole, and the people I worked with definitely helped me grow as a person.

TM: The coding system for the Please Dress Me search engine looks pretty advanced. How did you do it?

AV: Joe Stump – – did all the coding. I am not sure how advanced it is, but anything Joe does is awesome in my humble opinion.

TM: How does a clothing line go about getting involved with and promoting on Please Dress Me?

AV: Working with PleaseDressMe is super easy. We have a few ways for vendors to contact us on our site, and once they reach out, we work from there. It’s a real easy relationship to maintain since anything that is good for the vendor is good for us, and vice versa.

TM: I see you’re making use of Twitter. How has using Twitter helped with promoting your site?

AV: Twitter has been a great tool for us mostly since it gives us a direct link to many of our users. We get feature suggestions, bug reports, and general commentary via twitter. We also like to give stuff away on Twitter, which helps get the word out about us, as well as any vendor working with us.

TM: What do you enjoy most about working on Please Dress Me?

AV: The best part is the relationships. Both vendors, and users. I have made plenty of friends, and have had some wonderful conversations with people I have met through PleaseDressMe.

TM: I’ve seen Gary Vaynerchuk on ‘The Big Idea’ before. How have things been for you with your brother as this ‘internet celebrity’? How has it opened doors for you?

AV: Things are great. Gary and I are as close as brothers can get. We’re best friends, and talk every day about work, sports, family and life. His popularity online has definitely helped me and PleaseDressMe. Doors have definitely been opened in terms of people I get to work with and so on.

TM: I was just using your ‘Random!’ feature and I was just wondering: Who’s Scotty?

AV: Our random button is a small reference to this –,_Scotty

TM: What are some tips you can give to all of the entrepreneurs out there?

AV: Work all the time. Whenever you aren’t working, someone else is and is making stuff happen. Business is all about commitment and hunger.

For more info, check out AJ’s personal site and the PleaseDressMe site.