Producing T-Shirts

Pre-Production Planning for Your Clothing Brand

Excerpt from Chapter 10 (“Producing T-Shirts”)
of Launch a Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand.

“Refrain from creating a collection that is all over the place; each t-shirt should flow into the next.”

Pre-Plan the Production

During the idea development stage, it also helps to think about the types of t-shirts and production processes you will use to produce your designs. For example:

  • Will the design be an all-over print or a small chest print?
  • Will it be screen printed or embroidered?
  • Will there be any additional print locations, such as the back of the shirt or the sleeve?

You should answer these questions and more while developing your ideas rather than saving them as afterthoughts.

Equally important is the issue of design colors. Keep in mind that more colors usually means higher production costs. If you plan on getting your t-shirts screen printed, you will most likely get charged per color on each design, in addition to a one-time screen charge for each color.

The Collection as a Whole

While developing your t-shirt designs, try to think of each idea or design as a part of a collection. Refrain from creating a collection that is all over the place; each t-shirt should flow into the next.

If you’ve planned out your brand personality correctly, creating a flowing collection should be no problem. Maintaining a reoccurring theme or style is the easiest way to do this…

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