Bearocalypse”…nuff said. Ever wonder why the pervasion of Bear-centric imagery has been ever growing since about the ’07 “bubble-ocalypse”? For the Clubhouse savvy, a Bull market is one where prices are ever on the rise, pushing forward as their brazen mascot. The cups never empty, the news is always good – the fantasy Wall Street reveled in for a good long while after Clinton reversed most of the Glass-Steagall Act. However, the gruesome reality for .all of down here in the shadow of cloud nine, was the coming of the Bear market – a market crashing down and money spent before it was earned. Thus, any good Subversivist can spot the cultural retort given to the Wall Street fat cats. It is my personal wish that one of the ‘Bulls’ that had a hand in crashing our economy turns around one day and comes face to face with Take Heart’s badass sword-swinging, inverted pentagram bindi-ing(?), pissed-off bear ready to chew their face off.  Nuff said.