The Seventh Letter just dropped their Fall 2011 Artist collection and are running a promotion for ½ off any sale tee with a purchase from the series. Some of the Artists featured this season are: EKLIPS, the founder of the Seventh Letter and OG writer; iLK, the Parisian Fortune 500 corporations go to when they need a crossover into ‘Urban’ or ‘funky’ buzzwaters; and Revok, the MSK graffito most recently martyred by the LA Sheriff’s office, who was held on $320K bail and served 180 days this past Spring while police scrambled to identify and pin works on him from across the city. Ironically, that bust came during the ‘Art in the Streets’ exhibition and was cited as the driving motivation behind the hefty crackdown. Too bad for them the lesson didn’t work and Revok keeps on writing. I’d like to think this season’s Jealous tee is a little gift to the LA Sheriff.