Promote by Creating a Blog

The Internet has made it extremely easy for anybody who is willing to start a blog for their brand and use it to garner attention for what they are selling. From teenagers to Fortune 500 companies, many have come to the realization that writing a blog can attract attention and generate a consistent readership and following. Blogs have become excellent vehicles for communicating news, keeping in touch with a large number of fans and customers simultaneously, highlighting expertise, presenting an introduction to a line of products, and delivering fresh content for the search engines.

If you’ve never actually published a blog, you will be amazed at how easy it is to get up and running. There are many blogging platforms available like WordPress or Blogger. These resources allow you to set up an account without cost and be live in a short period of time. These providers offer design templates that you simply choose by clicking on your favorite. You get an administration panel that makes it easy to add features or remove them.

A blog is really one of the simplest ways to start getting a web presence that is available to everyone completely free. You’re not required to pay for the account, the storage, or anything else. In return, the site might include some advertising on your blog, but once you get a feel of things, you can pay a small fee to get this removed. Or, if you have a little bit of technical skills and have a domain name and hosting you can install a blog using WordPress or one of the many other available scripts. Most times the control panel of your web hosting services will allow you to install WordPress with a single click. If not, you can download it at WordPress and with a little FTP knowledge, install it in 5 minutes or so. It’s really that easy.

Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by a lack of knowledge of computers or the Internet. There is no need to be technically talented at all to start a blog. As you continue to use the blog, you may want to include pictures and videos which may take some learning, but it still is nothing to be intimidated by.

Deliver The Goods

In the beginning, all you will need to do to start getting visitors is to make sure that you deliver something that is interesting on your blog. If you’re serious in establishing a web presence you’ll want to have a minimum of two blogs. One that shares news specifically about your company, brand and designs. You’ll also want a second one that covers the t-shirt industry and culture with a few plugs and links here and there about your own products, along with some affiliate links to other t-shirt sites.

Many first-time bloggers make the mistake of creating a blog that serves as a personal diary, with random posts on a wide variety subjects. While this may be interesting to a small segment of people, it’s not the best choice to bring visitors from the major search engines who prefer targeted content. So, stick with the subject of t-shirts, and develop your content around that niche. You could offer reviews on specific designs and brands, report sales and coupon codes, offer designing tips and tutorials or an endless choice of content. Use your imagination and you’ll come up with a unique vision for your blog that will get the attention you are seeking for your designs and brand.

Try to review your posts before publishing to make sure they are relatively free of misspellings and grammatical errors. Try to include titles, subheadings, bulleted lists, and white space to make the copy easy on the eye. Many readers do not want to come into a blog and see a single paragraph written in poor English, no matter how interesting the subject. It’s just too hard to read.

By Anthony Marsh