Quoted Tee: Shirt a Day to Keep You Motivated

Quoted Tee was started on May 14th, 2013 by Michael Holmes, a Los Angeles based designer. “I enjoy playing with type because it combines two art forms, literature and illustration, for really artistic possibilities,” says Michael. “Quoted Tee seemed like the perfect platform to share my work while giving inspiration and some smiles. It’s not about selling shirts with words, it’s about sharing of joy between people. To take a shirt home is just another way to share it in wearable cotton.” Michael currently is the sole artist of the website.

Each day a quote shirt is published on Quoted Tee and is available for $11 for the first 24 hours. Each quote is either funny or inspirational and is uniquely handcrafted with in a typographic illustration. Check out them out at QuotedTee.com!

Daily shirt